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Our Vision: A collective for the arts and artists sharing talent and to bring artists together to experience with the greater Colorado Springs area, in the form of workshops, exhibits, and community.

CSAG membership is open to artists of any skill level. Members primarily consist of professional fine art painters and photographers.  Although now we are expanding our vision to embrace a broader spectrum of art forms within our demonstrations and promotions to appreciate and transform the artistic culture throughout Colorado Springs.

Come to our monthly meetings (last Tuesday of the month) and experience phenomenal live demonstrations, presentations and performances. You will enjoy the compelling guest speakers. Be part of the artistic move and expand Colorado Springs with your talents and participation.

We are governed by a Board of Directors which includes our officers; President, Vice Pres., Treasurer and Secretary. Currently our president is Carol Naylor who can be reached for questions at
President@CSArtGuild.org. We are a non-profit organization located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

Our earliest beginnings came about with a few aspiring artists holding meetings in each other's homes as early as the 1940's. In 1943 they began practicing regulations required for non-profit status, and in 1948 Colorado Springs Art Guild was established. Workshop instructors from universities throughout the state and nation have given class instruction. Rose Eden, Betty Lynch, Tony Couch & Mel Fillerup are but a few. Banks, colleges, universities, churches, senior centers, the US Olympic Center, Libraries have served as meeting places. We even procured and ran our own art galleries for a while, one in Pioneer Plaza, one in Manitou Springs, Colorado College and a complex in Old Colorado City. We occasionally have had a traveling art gallery that allows members to place art in restaurants, banks, libraries and various other businesses at times.

We still maintain a youth art scholarship fund. We are dedicated to the advancement of fine art and artists of all abilities, through on-going training and art education in community schools. To further our artists recognition, we host a popular annual -Regional- show open to all artists. We also hold one or two additional art shows per year. We have expanded our vision to include several different art forms within our demonstrations and promotions to reach a broader artistic community.

Our general membership meetings consists of guest speakers, demos, or critiques. Meetings are held at the Gold Hill Mesa on the last Tuesday of the month from 6:00PM to 8:30PM. Our board members currently meet shortly before our general monthly meetings at 5:30 PM.  Gold Hill Mesa, 142 S Raven Mine Dr # 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80905.

At year's end we celebrate with an annual holiday party where volunteers are recognized and some awards are presented. COME JOIN US and be a part of our artistic community!

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