Teri D Brown
Teri works in watercolor, computer graphics, photography and oil. She also currently serves as CSAG newsletter editor. You can email her at: arthaven at artspheres.com For more of Teri's works visit her studio at Cottonwood Ctr for the Arts or see the website at: http://www.artspheres.com

Dyersburg Methodist - Watercolor
Dyersburg Methodist -WC

Tellico Methodist - Watercolor
Tellico Methodist -WC

Pennington Seed - Watercolor
Pennington Seed -WC

Elisha Johnson Mansion- Watercolor
Elisha Johnson Mansion-WC

Band Plays On - Watercolor
Band Plays On -WC

Garden of the Gods - Photography
Garden of the Gods -PH

Thrillin & Chillin - Photography
Thrillin & Chillin -PH

Rocky Mtn. Vista - Photography
Rocky Mtn. Vista -PH


Storm'Comin - Photography
Storm'Comin -PH

Musical Journey - Taos series, Oil on Canvas
Taos-Musical III,IV -Oil
Terraform I,II - Taos series, Oil on Canvas
Taos-Terraform I,II -Oil

Architectural Journey - Taos series, Oil on Canvas
Taos-Architectural III,IV Oil